Selected Recent Articles

1) Long, J.B., Bagonis, M., Lowery, LA, Lee, H., Danuzer, G., Van Vactor, D. (2013) Multi-parametric analysis of CLASP-interacting proteins functions during interphase microtubule dynamics. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 33(8):1528-1545.

2) Li, W., Cressy, M., Qin, H., Fulga, T., Van Vactor, D. and Dubnau, J. (2013) microRNA-276a Functions in Ellipsoid Body and Mushroom Body Neurons for Naive and Conditioned Olfactory Avoidance in Drosophila. J. Neuroscience, 33(13):5821-5833.

3) Emerson, M.M., Long, J.B. and Van Vactor, D. (2013) Drosophila semaphorin2b is Required for the Axon Guidance of a Subset of Embryonic Neurons. Developmental Dynamics, 242(7):861-73.

4) Sen, A., Dimlich, D., Guruharsha, K. G., Kankel, M.W., Hori, K., Yokokura, T., Brachat, S., Richardson, D., Loureiro, J., Sivasankaran, R., Curtis, D., Davidow, L., Rubin, L., Hart, A., Van Vactor, D. and Artavanis-Tsakonas. S. (2013) The genetic circuitry of Survival Motor Neuron, the gene underlying Spinal Muscular Atrophy. PNAS, 110(26):E2371-80.

5) Berke, B., Wittnam, J., McNeill, E.M., Van Vactor, D. and Keshishian, H. (2013) Retrograde BMP Signaling at the Synapse: A 'Go Signal' for Synapse Expansion, Physiological Development, and Activity-Dependent Plasticity. J. Neuroscience 33(45): 17937-17950.

6) Lowery, L.A, Stout, A., Faris, A.E.R., Ding, L., Baird, M., Davidson, M., Danuser, G.* and Van Vactor, D.* (2013) Growth cone-specific functions of XMAP215 in restricting microtubule dynamics and promoting axonal outgrowth. Neural Development, 8:22.

7) Engel, U., Zhan, Y., Long, J.B., Boyle, S.N., Balif, B.A. Gygi, S.P., Koleske, A.J., and Van Vactor, D. (2014) Abelson Phosphorylation of CLASP2 Modulates its Association with Microtubules and Actin. Cytoskeleton, 71(3):195-209.

8) Amaral, A., Brito, B., Yokokura, T., Van Vactor, D. and Gama-Carvalho, M. (2014) Quality assessment and control of tissue specific RNA-seq libraries of Drosophila transgenic RNAi models. Frontiers in Genetics Research Topics, 5:43.

9) Loya, C.M., Elizabeth M. McNeill, E.M., Bao, H., Zhang, B. and Van Vactor, D. (2014) MiR-8 Regulates Postsynaptic Structure and the Actin Cytoskeleton through Repression of Enabled. Development, 141(9):1864-74.

10) Cecilia S. Lu, Bo Zhai, Alex Mauss, Matthias Landgraf, Steven Gygi and David Van Vactor (2014) microRNA-8 Promotes Axon Targeting Via Coordinate Regulation of Cell Adhesion Molecules During Motor Axon Targeting. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 369(1652). pii: 20130517.

11) Fulga, T.A, McNeill, E.M., Binari, R., Yelick, J., Blanche, A., Booker, M., Schnall-Levin, M., Zhao, Y., DeLuca, T., Bejarano, F., Han, Z., Lai, E.C., Wall, D.P., Perrimon, N. and Van Vactor, D. (2015) A transgenic resource for conditional competitive inhibition of conserved Drosophila microRNAs. Nature Communications, 6:7279.

12) Virginia Guarani, Elizabeth M. McNeill, Joao A. Paulo, Edward L. Huttlin, Florian Fröhlich, Steven P. Gygi, David Van Vactor and J. Wade Harper. (2015) QIL1 is a Novel Mitochondrial Protein Required for MICOS Complex Stability and Cristae Morphology. eLife, 4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.06265.


Selected Recent Reviews

1) Long, J.B. and Van Vactor, D. (2012) Maintaining muscle mitochondria via trans-synaptic signaling. Dev Cell. 22(2): 238-239. PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3601526

2) McNeill, E. and Van Vactor, D. (2012) microRNAs Shape the Neuronal Landscape. Neuron, 75(3): 363-379. PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3441179

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5) Van Vactor, D. and Sigrist, S. (2017) Presynaptic Morphogenesis, Active Zone Organization and Structural Plasticity in Drosophila. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 43:119-129.


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